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Some Thoughts on Rep. Parker Griffith’s (AL-5) Party Switch

December 23, 2009 6 comments

Since my day effectively begins around noon when I wake up (I love being off from school for Christmas), I woke up yesterday to the news that Rep. Parker Griffith, who represents Alabama’s 5th district (around Huntsville), decided to switch parties. This in and of itself is not unusual. After all, Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) did the same thing earlier this year, several current and recent members of the House and Senate have done the same. What struck me as both odd and telling about his decision was that he was a Democrat switching to the minority party. What made this especially odd was the fact that his switch was inconsequential to the current balance of power in the House, which now stands at 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans.

There are a couple of ways of looking at this. I’ll explain after the fold.

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A Quick Memo to Hugo Chavez

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m about as far as you can get from a fan of Obama, but I’m sick and tired of listening to your whining and your bluster.

Thus I’d advise you to heed the words of Spain’s King Juan Carlos. You know, the words he spoke to you back at the 17th Ibero-American Summit back in 2007?

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish (truthfully I don’t really either, but I do know a little), “¿Por qué no te callas?” means “Why don’t you shut up?”

Indeed, King Juan Carlos, indeed.

In Defense of “No”

December 19, 2009 3 comments

I was alerted to this thanks to Michelle Malkin. As you probably know, the Democrats have been trying to paint us as obstructionists for our attempts to slow down the progress of their healthcare bill. They have been trying to paint us as the “Party of No” for this and other things.

As if that’s a bad thing.

Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma, a favorite Senator of mine, appears to concur with me. As Malkin points out, he says:

“We’re accused of being the party of no,” he said. But “no is a wonderful word. When your child is misbehaving, you say no. When someone’s stealing liberty, you say no…Saying no at the right time saves lives. Saying no at the right time saves money…Saying no at the right time saves liberty.”

And he couldn’t be more right. There is nothing wrong with saying no, provided you use it properly. Saying yes, for that matter is what has gotten us into the situation we have found our country in, by constantly saying yes to more spending, yes to more government intervention, and yes even “Yes, we can!”. I happen to consider the battle for our freedom, our money, and even our lives that the healthcare debate is a very worthy time to use the word where the Democrats plans have been concerned. This bill is nothing but an Unconstitutional atrocity that will further ruin the economy; stifle innovation, particularly in health-related fields; and will only cover a fraction of the uninsured it has as its goal of covering. By saying “No!”, the Republicans are showing that they are on the side of liberty, which is the right side to be on. Keep it up, Republicans on the Hill and my fellow conservatives everywhere else.

Acta est fabula.

DO IT DO IT DO IT! Senate Republicans Threaten a Healthcare Read-a-thon

December 18, 2009 1 comment

One of the most effective charges levied against supporters of the atrocity called the healthcare bill is that they haven’t actually read the bill. This is only complicated by the fact that there are numerous changes being made to the bill behind closed doors. Not even many high level Senate Democrats even know what changes are being made. So, the charge gains even more gravity, after all, how can you vote for a bill that you haven’t read wit4h important changes that only a small few know about? Luckily for us, the Senate Republicans may have a solution for this.

They want a read-a-thon for the changes being made to the bill:

“This massive piece of legislation that seeks to restructure one-sixth of our economy is being written behind closed doors without input from anyone in an effort to jam it past not only the Senate but the American people before Christmas,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader.

Republicans, who have been accused by Rush Limbaugh and others for failing to oppose the legislation vigorously enough, have threatened to force Senate clerks to read the entire text of the proposed changes aloud, a process that could consume eight hours or so.

At his news conference, McConnell taunted Democrats in terms that recalled Obama’s campaign promise of “change we can believe in.”

The health care bill, he said, “isn’t change you can believe in; it’s change that’s astonishing. We all know that promises are made in political campaigns, but this is a complete reversal _ there is no change. This is business as usual.”

“Tomorrow, there’s going to be a snowstorm, and we’ll be coming in RVs and everything will be paralyzed as our nation’s capital always is when there’s a snowstorm.”

He added, “But the fact is that there’s a firestorm out there in America. That firestorm says stop this. Stop this.”

Mitch McConnell raises some very valuable points. With the coming snowstorm that’s supposed to bring record-breaking levels of snow to Washington, the Senators will likely all be huddled up in the Senate with nothing to do, what with those two feet of snow outside. They’ll be bored, and nothing helps cure a bout of wintertime boredom like some nice reading. Why not read the changes being made to the bill? That way, no one can claim ignorance to what’s being done to make this already atrocious bill worse. Senator McConnell you have my support in this, and I hope you follow through with it. However, I will say this: why stop with the changes being made to the bill? Why not have the whole dang thing read aloud? Yeah, I know it’ll take a while, but you know, if people are actually going to have a vote on this legislation, they might as well, you know, actually know what’s in the bill they’re voting on.

So let me conclude by saying: DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

Acta est fabula.

Ray Stevens Continues to Be Awesome

December 18, 2009 1 comment

With a H/T to The Other McCain (Don’t be fooled by the last name, he’s awesome), I give you a great new song by Ray Stevens called “We the People”:

And you know what, he couldn’t be more truthful. If you vote for Obamacare, we’ll vote you outta there! Take note, Congress.

Kudos to Senator Nelson of Nebraska

December 17, 2009 2 comments

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is one of the few remaining truly moderate Democrats in Washington today. Unlike other so-called “moderate” Democrats in the Capitol, Nelson’s record actually proves this fact. He has a 47.26 lifetime rating from the ACU which places him in the company of moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.

I wrote yesterday about how he may eventually give in to Harry Reid and pledge his vote to this atrocity that the Democrats want us to believe is a healthcare bill. His main holdout has been over abortion. He doesn’t want a healthcare bill that funds abortion. Though I frequently find myself opposed to him just like his fellow Democrats, I have to give him credit here. He is still holding out. Just a few moments ago, I read this:

A moderate Democrat whose vote could be crucial said Thursday an attempted Senate compromise on abortion is unsatisfactory, raising doubts about whether the chamber can pass President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul by Christmas.

“As it is, without modifications, the language concerning abortion is not sufficient,” Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a key holdout on the health care bill, said in a statement after first making his concerns known to Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Now, make no mistake, I am not giving kudos to Senator Nelson because I want this bill to pass. I, too, oppose federal funding of abortion, and I hope he continues to stand strong in his opposition to this bill. It is not merely for the pro-life cause that I applaud his holdout, it is also because I want this bill to fail. The fact that Senator Nelson is continuing to refuse to vote for this monstrosity makes me cheer, which is exactly why I applaud him.

Keep it up Senator Nelson. Don’t give in. This, as Herman Cain called it, “healthcare deform” bill will do nothing to fix the problems with our country’s healthcare system. It will only make it worse. I hope you understand that, Senator Nelson.

Happy Hanukkah Israel!

December 17, 2009 1 comment

Iran’s got a gift for you! Wanna see it? Alright! Check it out:

Awesome right? I know. And you know what we here in the US are gonna do about it? Absolutely nothing of substance.

…Okay, well, we may go to the UN and get a resolution with *shock* harsher words or something like that. We may also have a nice little sit down with Mr. Ahmadinejad because he and the mullahs there are such reasonable people!

Be afraid Iran, be very afraid!