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Things Fall Apart (Or, I Would Hate to be Harry Reid) **Updated with more Suckage for Reid**

For the record, the subtitle of this entry doesn’t just pertain to the position Harry Reid finds himself in right now. I wake up every morning happy I’m not Harry Reid.

But anyways…

If Harry Reid isn’t the most ineffectual Senate Majority Leader ever, he’s definitely in the top three–actually, make that top two. Here we have a man who has managed to make Bill Frist look competent at doing his job. He finally manages to get Lieberman in line with the bill, and he may even have Sen. Bill Nelson (of Nebraska) on board.

However, in the process of selling his soul out to them to get their votes, Reid’s lost the vote of another Senator in the process: Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Sanders said:

And unfortunately for Dingy Harry, the condemnation of this bill doesn’t come the Senate alone. His fellow Democrats outside of the Senate are getting in on the action. Howard Dean, for one, a respected voice on the Left for Healthcare Reform, has also weighed in against it saying, “[H]onestly, the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill.”.

Meanwhile, Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake concurs with Dean:


UPDATE: When a Liberal loses Keith Olbermann’s support, he loses a lot.


The thing is, as Howard Dean and others have pointed out, Reid just wants a bill that will get him 60 votes. The content of said bill is really irrelevant as long as it gets him to that magic number and can be called, however loosely, healthcare reform. In short, while it is never fun to be Harry Reid, right now is an especially bad time to be him. I would say he has my sympathies. However, I hate him, and thus I will not.

Acta est fabula.

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