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Dem Milwaukee County Supervisor Doesn’t Know AZ is a Border State

June 24, 2010 2 comments

H/T to Mark Levin for alerting me to this initially and the blog Innocent Bystanders for reminding me to get blogging about this.

I think one of the most basic things we ought to expect from those who govern us is the ability to think intelligently. I’m not asking for an Einstein, but someone who can read a map would be nice. Behold:

And, I agree with Michael at Innocent Bystanders. This sounds like a very spirited debate, if by “spirited”, you mean “retarded” (with apologies to Sarah Palin).

For Peggy West, a map:

Image courtesy of Merriam-Webster.

See that dark area directly beneath the whitish area? The one that says “Mexico”? Yeah, Peggy, that’s not a state.

Folks, if you’re going to criticize the state of Arizona for its immigration law, at least be able to locate it on a map and understand that it is, in fact, a border state, you know, where the immigration debate is more than an academic discussion. I’d also recommend reading the bill, which, I suspect, Mrs. West hasn’t done either. And no, just because Janet Napolitano hasn’t read it doesn’t give you a pass either. It’s just 17 pages. I read it in about an hour. You can, too.